How and When to Bring professional Negligence Claims against Solicitors


Recent studies have shown that more people than ever before are choosing to bring negligence claims against their solicitors. Unfortunately, people are suffering personal financial loss due to something that their solicitor has said or done. This has led to a steady increase of negligence claims against solicitors every year.


Making the decision to claim against your solicitor can be a tough one to make, as these cases are typically complicated, and high value. Both parties will have a vast amount to lose and your solicitor will also be defending their reputation. This is why you need to ensure that you choose your legal team wisely.

When you make the decision to hire a solicitor, you expect their advice and years of training to guarantee that you win your case. Therefore, when you do not win, it can have devastating financial implications. Omissions and errors by your solicitor are considered a breach of their duty of care, which they owe to their clients.

If you feel that you have been let down, and lost money, you can bring professional negligence claims against solicitors. There are a large number of ways that a solicitor can let you down, and cause you to lose financially. However, there is a standard for judging whether you can make a claim, and how likely you are to win your case.

Often the behaviour of the solicitor is taken into consideration, and their level of skill will be tested. If it is felt that their actions and behaviour was negligent, and you have the evidence to support your claim then you will have a case. You do need to have genuine reasons for wanting to make a claim against your solicitor, and simply believing that they did a shoddy job, is not enough.

A solicitor failing to provide clients with the correct information happens more than you may think, but a large proportion of people do not file a claim. There are also certain areas of law that can be complex which is when problems arise, and mistakes happen. You need to consider if your solicitor was at fault, or whether the mistake could have happened to anyone.

Every case is unique, which is why you will need to hire another professional to decide whether you have a claim. Choosing this person may take some time, and you need to ensure that you choose a solicitor that is skilled in making negligence claims. This specialist field has become more common as people are realising they can make a claim against poor advice.

The case can be long and expensive, but you will feel that justice has been done, and financially you will be compensated. You no longer have to simply walk away and forget about cases that did not work out in your favour. Fighting for the right to appeal, and ensuring that you receive what is owed to you is essential.