Saving Energy and Going Green During Home Renovation


It is quite obvious that at one point in time you will definitely want to renovate your home to make it better as well as to replace some of the broken installations as a home improvement measure. The fact that you are renovating your home means that you want to make it much more conducive for all the people living within it as well as ensure that you are able to reduce on the normal bills that you have been incurring all along. The best way to go about saving on bills and making the home as comfortable as possible is by saving energy as well as going green. This is the best way to go as you will prominently depend on natural as well as renewable energy as opposed to energy that is nonrenewable which is expensive and harmful to the environment.


There are many aspects that you may change in your home to improve the comfort of its occupants without necessarily having to part with much money in form of bills. Below are some tips that can go a long way in helping you come up with a comfortable yet energy saving green home.

1. Installation of Solar Panels

Installation of solar panels to provide energy in the form of electricity to your home is one way of saving a lot on electricity bills that always bother you at the end of each month. This is a form of electricity production that derives its energy directly from the sun’s rays making it as natural as possible and does not cause any harm whatsoever. The only expense that you will incur is probably buying the panels as they are not difficult to install. With such panels you will not have to forfeit a hot shower in fear of incurring high bills.

2. Installations of PVC-U Sash Windows

These are the kind f windows that will come in handy in regulating the temperatures within the various rooms in your home. Installing PVC-U Sash windows means that you do not need that air-conditioner you own that has been increasing your electricity bills. Air-conditioners are known to use up a lot of energy and are also said to have a few side effects health wise. Eliminating the use of such a machine by installing the PVC-U Sash windows will go a long way in regulating the temperatures of your home. By opening both the top and bottom of such a window ensures that equal amounts of will ensure that the home is cool during hot weather as equal amounts of warm air can exit from the top opening while cool air enters through the bottom into the room.

3. Installation of Lighting and Fixtures that are Energy Efficient

The lighting and fixtures need to only be fitted where necessary as you can place windows as well as walls in a strategic manner so as to allow as much natural light into the home as possible. However, where need be that you need to install lighting fixtures you need to go for the kind that do not end up consuming a lot of energy. Nowadays, there are very many manufacturers of energy saver lamps and bulbs. Such are the kinds that help you save on energy that can be used elsewhere. Lamps that accept LED as well as light bulbs commonly referred to as compact fluorescent are most recommended in terms of saving energy. You can also go as far as install timers as well as motion sensors within the rooms of your hone to ensure that lights are off when no one is in the room.

4. Sourcing for a Green Contractor

It is important that the contractor you go for when it comes to renovation of your home understands designs that are dedicated to saving energy as well as those that are green. Such a contractor will go a long way in advising you on the best ways of going green as well as saving energy including all the materials that you may need to ensure that your home is green as well as ensure that you get to save on energy in the best way possible. There are organizations from which you can find a recommended green contractor.

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