Simple ways to beautify on a budget


Are you the type of person who has a wallet that is mainly bulked up from having a few too many points cards? Is getting the best deal possible on some fancy toothpaste, a tingly shower gel or just a good old body scrub too good to pass up on? Well time to stop! I’m going to show you 4 very simply ways to beautify on a budget from top to toe.


Hair – Save Time
How often do you spend doing your hair every day to get it to look perfect? If you’re the type of person who can’t leave the house without every lock looking en fleek then you need a way to save time on getting your hair done.

For anyone with long hair who likes it looking neat, then a keratin based treatment like a Brazilian blow dry is the way to go. The treatment basically gets your hair to sit like it’s been blow dried much more easily when you get up every morning.

Eyes – Dry Your Eyes
Are you someone who has one of those fancy eye drop bottles in their bag to help make the white of their eyes really pop when cameras come out? Well you might be doing it wrong and causing damage.

Whitening eye drops can make your sclera (that the white part of the eye) look really bright, what you’re doing with every application is causing the blood vessels to constrict form the surface. If you use them consistently, you restricting blood flow around your eye; a very big no-no if you like your sight!


Nails – They shouldn’t be hot
If you go to get your nails done and come out every once in a while with the tips of your fingers feeling a bit weird and warm to the touch then it’s time to change beauticians.

Warm tips after a buff or colour are due to the person looking after your nails cutting your finger. When you have a look and there’s no blood you’d wonder “then how could it be cut”. Around the top of nail can be cut a few layers down without there being any bleeding and the possibility that your tips become a portal of sorts for germs on everything you touch. Don’t worry though. Skin is very tough and there’s never any major risk you’re going to wake up one morning with an infected finger.

Legs (and waxing your bits)
For anyone who does all their body waxing at home, one of the big problems is the after effect i.e. your skin refusing to cool down no matter how much cream you slap on. If this is a common problem for you, then it’s time to get the baby powder out BEFORE you wax.

Why would you want to use powder beforehand? Well baby powder does a good job of absorbing any moisture on the surface; moisture that a wax strip will cling to if you apply to your skin after exfoliating. If you give your legs (and other bits) a rub with baby powder before waxing the drier surface will let the strip find and cling to hairs more easily and you don’t end up with scratchy feeling skin after a wax.

I hope you’ve found these tips helpful and can use them to make your beauty regime become something you don’t have to drag your heels through.