Financing an accident at work


If you are the victim of an accident at work, you may find that your lifestyle will have to change. Serious injury or illness can impact the way you wish to live your life, and you may be facing a changing financial situation. Read on to learn more about how to navigate your financial life after an accident at work.


Follow your doctor’s orders

If you have been injured at work, the best thing you can do is follow your doctor’s treatment plan. Your treatment plan is designed to help you recover as quickly and completely as possible. Sometimes, you can risk greater injury if you try to return to work too soon before you have sufficiently healed or if you neglect to take your medication. Therefore, an extra day’s rest or extra pain medications may be necessary if you wish to bounce back as soon as possible. Also, if you choose to file for work accident compensation, your treatment plan can serve as part of the evidence of the injury, so maintaining a good relationship with your physician will be important.

Try to cut expenses

While you are recovering, try to cut down your expenses so that you can save a bit and have something to live off of until you return to work fulltime. Even small steps like switching to generics, eating leftovers and cutting back on entertainment expenses like cable TV and movie tickets can make a big difference in your monthly budget. You can put the extra money aside in case you have to find another job.

Consider changing careers

If you find that your injury will prevent you from working in your industry again, it may be time to consider a new career. While many people choose to live their rest of their lives on a fixed income without working, you can use this as an opportunity to learn a new skill or enter a new industry. For example, if you find that your injury prevents you from continuing to work construction jobs, but you can use the time when you are recovering to research different jobs or even consider getting a specialised degree. Even if you find that you cannot work in your old field, there are still countless opportunities out there for experience and professional growth.

File a claim

Finally, as an employee injured in the workplace, you may be entitled to financial compensation, particularly if the injury will prevent you from ever working again. To find out if you are entitled to compensation, you can meet with a solicitor, who will determine whether you have a case and, if so, help you file a claim. By filing a claim, you will be able to receive the compensation that can help you cover your expenses while you get well.

Don’t let an accident at work destroy your financial life. Instead, take these steps to ensure that your finances don’t get injured as well.