Are you owed money by e.on


If you’re a customer of energy company e.on or have been in the recent past, there is the chance you may be owed money by them after they have been ordered to repay a massive £20 million due to mis-selling.

Customers who signed up through doorstep sales staff or after taking a call from an e.on telesales team member between June 2010 and December 2013 are those who could be eligible.

Regulator Ofgem has ruled that all the money must be paid back and have fined them a nominal £1. Usually, fines are much higher than this for the scale of the situation but the money goes straight to the Treasury and Ofgem has ordered it must go instead to the customers who have been affected.

The action by Ofgem has come about because of the discovery that staff were not properly trained and when they spoke to potential customers they gave incorrect estimates of possible savings leading people to sign up for a product which may not have been suitable for them.

Refunds will be made to people in a variety of ways. For the 330,000 customers who are on the Warm Home Discount, an automatic £35 discount will be made as long as they were with e.on as of 30 April 2014. This comes to a total of £12 million which will be paid out.

There are then a further 465,000 customers who could have been mis-sold their tariff. e.on are to write to all of these but have said they do not know if everyone affected has been identified.

Although there are no set amounts which are to be refunded, it will be the difference between how much you’ve paid on your mis-sold tariff and the amount you would have paid on a tariff which was more suited to your circumstances.

If you don’t receive a letter and you think that you were mis-sold your energy tariff, call 0800 056 8497 to talk to one of the e.on helpline team. For anyone who used to be with the company and has now switched providers, they could also be eligible so should also make a call to find out more and find out how to claim.

If you’ve realised that you are owed money and their actions have meant your budget has suffered over the last few months or even years, a solution to balance your budget in the short term is to look at a payday loan. You can even check out a range of lenders through the comparison site Payday Choice.  Have a look at this website for payday loans online and the lenders they work in partnership with to give you the opportunity to balance the books until you receive your refund from e.on.

With energy prices rising and the constant changing of tariff availability, it’s confusing when facing the choices when deciding on a tariff.  Nobody wants to spend more than they need to and with the recent action of Ofgem against e.on it is hoped that in the future nobody will.