Important Accounting Trends to Be Aware Of In 2018


As the accounting industry is one of the most competitive areas of business at the moment, it is a good idea to consider the kinds of financial technologies you have used to stay ahead of your competition. It can be easy to stick to the same financial processes and tools you have done for many years. You would be doing your business a disservice if you stick to just paper systems for all your company’s accounting. To stay on top of the game and as regulations and laws become more and more complicated, you need to look at the latest trends in business accounting, even looking to those that go beyond the technology you use.

As well as intriguing technology changes, there are also changes to automated software options, how accounting is seen by Millennials and also changes to client services.

What Are Some Changes That Have Occurred?

The cloud has been one of the most significant changes that has occurred in recent years. This is enhanced by the ability to access accounting information and systems from mobile devices. You can use and share financial data with clients and staff without having to meet them face to face, enabling you to free your working schedule more. Workflow management systems have improved over the last few years too to better deal with concerns related to staff. A number of these offer intricate tracking for projects to find more efficient use of time.

DIY Accounting Software

Automation is a very big thing now and can be found everywhere, particularly in the accounting sector. Although it means you don’t need to do as many of manual tasks, it is important to look at the role DIY accounting software plays.

It is easy to feel that DIY software is a threat, as it can force you to really look at the value you can give to your clients when they are able to do a lot of accounting on their own using software available. As using the cloud gives you a measure of automation already, use it and add expertise by making use of some of the more popular accounting systems. When you bring this more to the fore, you can use automation tools to avoid your job being replaced, by complementing it.

Millennial Clients

You should expect to gain more and more millennial clients over the course of the next couple of years. As they become adults and start paying taxes, they will start looking to you for their accounting needs. They will be expecting the various portals available, as well as transparency when they use your accounting agency. If you continue to just use the older systems for accounting and management, you should not expect to keep young clients. they will be expecting more streamlined boutique guidance and strategies with regards their finances. You should also consider going paperless, because as we move into 2018 that is what younger clients will be expecting.

Client Services Changes

One of the most important trends in client services is enhancing them to ensure clients have positive experiences. This can be achieved through forward-thinking solutions to complicated problems, relationships and technology.

As most younger people will now expect easier communication through digital portals with CPA’s, it will be in your best interest to build an area on your website for clients to access financial information from any device at any time they need it.

Hire An Accountant

Although cloud technology, DIY accounting software and other modern advances are important, you should not forgo hiring an actual accountants in Bolton and neither should your clients. You need that individual or team to touch base with and to look to for financial advice and information.