Why opt for a Tree Change Without an Agent when You’re Near Retirement?




When you’ve lived in the prime of your life successfully and hopefully saved up enough money to make it through to retirement, there’s nothing more satisfying than going to the rural inland and settling down in a quiet piece of paradise. There’s nothing more soothing than connecting with nature in your golden years.

Why Think About It Right Now?

Is there a better time than right now? Your kids have officially moved out of the house and have settled into their own lives. They’re probably thinking about starting their own families. This leaves you with enough time to chase your dream home in a rural part of town.

Just the thought of natural beauty and relaxing out in your lawn chairs in the evening, watching the sun set behind the tree line on the horizon is sure to calm you down and help you relax. Well, now is the perfect time for you to start thinking about the move to the rural suburbs.

Consideration Points

1. Selling your Existing Home

Of course, in order to look forward to your new home destination, you will need to sell your existing home so that you have the funds to move into your new home. People think that it’s almost second nature to have a real estate agent to help them with selling off the property.

But what they may not realise is that there are ways to sell property without an agent by their side. They may be missing out on saving thousands of dollars in commissions when they opt to sell their house without one. Once you sell the house, you may have a chance to put that extra money to work on your dream home location.

2. Where’s that Dream Home

But even more important before selling is that you need to see where exactly in the rural suburbs will you choose to live. You need to have a list of needs and wants from your rural suburban dream home. The needs are what you cannot do without and the wants are what you can afford to forgo.

You must make sure that the place you do decide on moving into, gives you the freedom and peace of mind that you deserve. There’s some inspirational ideas you can find here about the locations you can choose to call your dream home.

See, if you can get a short-term lease on the house you choose just to “try it out” first.

3. Keeping in touch with family

Whether you’re living in rural or urban areas, one thing you must not forget is maintaining the social fabric that makes us human. Humans are inherently social and need company. It’s important to stay in touch with your friends and family.

You may have had a weekly visit from your son or daughter and you got to see your grandkids. This may drop to about once every month or on holidays. But that doesn’t mean you have to break contact. You can still connect with them on Skype and by phone call. Don’t break that connection.