Are you thinking about entering the stock market? Read these tips first




Newcomers to the world of stock market trading can learn a lot from the experiences of experts in the field. Mistakes can be avoided whilst successful tactics can be used to increase your chances of making a profit. Here are some important tips for the beginner.

Take Time to Learn the Basics

Resist the temptation to jump in at the deep end without learning the stock market basics first. You need to know about trading stocks, understanding company balance sheets, market timings, chart reading. It is also important to understand metrics, definitions and industry terminology.

What are Your Trading Goals?

Have a clear vision about why you are investing in the stock market. Ask yourself, what do you need the money for and when do you plan to use the money. These factors will affect how much money you need to invest and over what period.

Choose a Good Broker for Powerful Trading Options

A trading platform such as CMC Markets is required for investing in the stock market to provide access to discount brokers and key trading options. Consider Contract for Difference trading or CFD. A CFD is an agreement between the investor and the broker to exchange the difference between the opening price and closing price of a contract. It is possible to track rising and falling prices in countless financial markets and trade on these movements using a CFD.

Always read the small print as many brokers have hidden costs for their services. Some charge a monthly service fee while others have an inactivity fee if you do not trade for a while.

Start by Investing Small Accounts

You can start trading with small amounts on a weekly or monthly basis, according to what you can afford. It is not necessary to save up a sizable amount before you start investing.

Research Each Trade Carefully

Choose a trusted financial advisor if you need help deciding which is the best investment for you. Social media can generate ideas for investments but never base your final decision solely on what is said in the media or television. Never make a trade based on your emotions or gut instinct without talking to your financial advisor. All investments should be picked after careful deliberation, not rushed on impulse.

Place Limits and Cut Losses Immediately

Prepare a trading plan with pre-determined exits. All investments should be reviewed regularly to minimise your trading capital risk. Do not wait and hope for a trend to change if an investment is heading in a downward direction. It is better to accept a small loss and act rather than wait for it to become a major loss.

Consider using stop-loss orders to guard against poor decision making and trailing stops to generate greater profits while preventing unexpected downturns.

Set a Risk Threshold and Know Your Limits

When managing your total trading capital, set your maximum allowable loss and stick to it. Never trade more money than you can afford to lose and keep a cash reserve. Ensure there is a clear distinction between funds for active trades and capital for other uses. This means that even if you lose money by trading, you can still meet your living expenses.

Consider a monthly total loss limit and if this level is reached halt all trading activity for the period. If your losses exceed gains constantly, take some time off from trading altogether. When you make a profit on a trade, set some money aside in reserve as a contingency for future setbacks.

Diversify Your Investment Portfolio

It is a good idea to spread your trades over many stocks and sectors to protect your investment. Never invest all your capital in one sector. If that sector suffers a downturn, your investment could be reduced or even lost completely.

Re-evaluate Your Portfolio

Keep track of your investment by checking your portfolio regularly. Remember you risk levels and add or dispose of stocks accordingly.

It is important to continually evaluate recognised your trading methods to consistently make money in forex trading. Perhaps the most important rule of all is that making money is never guaranteed with trading. However, the tips and trick detailed here should help you on your way.