Master One Single Strategy to Become a Successful Trader




Do you know Bruce Lee? He was one of the most famous Kung Fu masters of all time. We have all seen Bruce Lee’s movies and you cannot find any fan who has not learn from his movies. The movies of Bruce Lee teach us one thing that one cannot be master of Kung Fu where he gets born. He has to practice pone style for years and that is how they became masters in Forex. When you are trading in Forex, you should remember this Bruce Lee who has spent a major time of his life trying to perfect the style of Kung Fu. If you think you can master different strategy in the Forex industry, you should read this article and you will know you are living in a false dream.

We have seen many people who are interested to master different strategies in Forex markets of different trends. They have the very clear concept to trade in different markets to make money. It is good to know different strategy as it opens the door to trade in many new markets for you. But trading in different markets and mastering strategy is not the same. Traders can always place trades in different markets of this industry but if they try very hard, they can master only one strategy. If you try to master many strategies at once, there are high chances you will not understand any strategy thoroughly.

Focus on what you understand and like

There are after of traders in Forex who do not understand many strategies and yet they are very confident to trade in Forex. If you ask them why they are trading, they will tell you to make money. They think this market is random and most important part is finding they trend. It is a big mistake for traders. They use all of their strategies they have across and use all of them to make a profit. If you do not understand your strategy, you should not use it in Forex. Professional traders have come across many strategies in their lives. The market is always evolving and there are many strategies being born every day. But do you think all of them are put into use? If you think, it is highly not right and only the best strategies are used in Forex. So, if you want to master strategies, you have to master one strategy which is suitable for you. Try to master all and you will be master of none. Trading CFDs is really easy only if you know how to do it.

How to pick your trading system?

Picking the suitable trading system is very crucial for every Forex trader. If you like the quick profit from this market then you should trade the lower time frame and scalp the market. On the contrary, if you like the conservative way of trading the financial instrument then long term position trading would be the perfect solution for you. But before you select your own trading system you must know about one single fact. Majority of the successful traders in the United Kingdom are long-term traders. It’s not like that people don’t trade the lower time frame. But trading the lower time frame is a little bit risky as you will have to deal with lots of false signals. However, if you can learn about price action trading system then you can easily trade the lower time frame with a great level of ease. But still, you need to learn about the multiple time frame analysis or else lower time frame trading will be hard for you.

Trading the market successfully has nothing to do with the complex trading system. You need to keep your trading system simple and focus on money management. Always execute your orders in favor of the existing trend to limit your risk.